Business- and Functional Analysis 

    After 10 years experience for consultancy companies in Belgium, was born in October 2017.
    I am working in the domain of IT Business- and Functional analysis.
    I worked for customers in the sectors of:  

    • Federal Governments
    • Banking
    • Telecom
    • Energy 

    Business- and Functional-analysis are processes which overlap in the section between the Business requirements and the solution design towards the technical analysis and the development partners.

    Regarding the use of a methodology, I am used to use the methodology of the client in a pragmatic way, lead by best practices of the client.

    Agile or waterfall methodology is usually the high level chosen methodology based on the type of project and the way of working. The chosen methodology is mostly adapted related the the context, company, type of stakeholders and the contracts with external parties.

    In the next sections, I give a high level description of my most common way of working. This by explaining requirements gathering, solution design, deliverables and used techniques to accomplish the delivery of the project.


    Requirements gathering

    • Getting the business requirements which determine a value on investment to the business.
    • Observation to understand the current process.
    • Process analysis to analyse the existing process with need to be digitalized or adapted.
    • Recurring workshops with the different stakeholders to brainstorm end optimize the process.
    • Process Modelling to define a new process and business impact.
    • Getting the subject matter expert requirements and reviews.

    Solution design

    • Getting the solution requirements, functional and technical/performance.
    • Taken into regard the transition requirements to define how the migration will be handled.
    • Alternating workshops between business and technical team for elicitation and to align feasibility and best way going ahead.
    • Define sprint planning and workload.
    • Close follow up of the development partner and weekly status reports.
    • Close follow up of of incidents.
    • Change management depending on changing requirements or technical limitations.
    • Defining testing scenario’


    • Workshop presentations
    • Conceputal Analysis Document
    • Business Requirements Document
    • Fuctional Analysis Document
    • Technical Analysis Document
    • Requirements List
    • Testing Scenario’s

    Used Techniques

    • Organizational modelling
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Interviews
    • Conceptual modelling
    • Workshops, Brainstorming sessions
    • Mind mapping
    • Create a global glossary
    • Business capability analysis
    • Business Rules analysis
    • Risk analysis
    • Getting the requirements
    • Estimations
    • Prioritization
    • Process analysis
    • Process modelling
    • Scope modelling
    • SWOT analysis
    • Reviews
    • UseCase and scenario’s
    • Timing diagrams
    • Sequence diagrams
    • State modelling
    • Interface analysis
    • Class diagram modelling
    • Entity Relationship modelling
    • Data flow diagrams
    • Screen flow and screen design
    • Prototyping
    • Non-functional requirements analysis
    • Root Cause analysis


    Wouter Vervloessem

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